Moving Tips

Top ten tips to make your move easier

  1. Every moves begins with a plan. We believe in planning with the end in mind. Take the time to list everything you want to have happen. Keep your plan list handy and add to it when you think of something. Inspiration or ideas may drift into your mind at any time. Some people think keeping a small notebook on a bedside table helps them sleep better at night after they have written an idea on it.
  2. Be open to additional ideas. It may have been a long time since you moved and things have changed.
  3. Make a list of all you regular recurring expenses. Things like your cell phone provider, internet service, cable or dish TV, should be on this list so you can remember to change or cancel services as needed.
  4. Consider letting things go or donating them to a charity. In our experience, if something hasn’t been used or worn in two years it is a candidate to be donated. Letting unused belongings have a new life somewhere else, or going to the landfill, can save money and time.
  5. No one appreciates a clean home more than you do. Pack cleaning supplies in a sealed container and take them with you if you can or clearly mark them and have them loaded last on our truck. When you arrive at the new location you can use these supplies to clean cupboards and bathrooms quickly while we bring everything in.
  6. Our packers will mark each box with the name of the room it belongs in and a short description of what is inside. This helps reduce confusion when the boxes are moved into the new location.
  7. Take pictures of the contents of each box before it is sealed. Keeping your cell phone handy and taking a picture of the contents and the label on the outside will help you when the box arrives at your new location.
  8. We’ll pack everything in our truck as safely as possible and keep all the boxes from the same room together. This helps keep things organized when the truck is unloaded.
  9. If you are packing things yourself, we recommend putting dishes on edge with sufficient packing material between each one. Packing dishes flat increase the risk of breaking them.
  10. We’ll pack everything in every box tight. Tightly packed boxes keep things inside in place and reduces the risk of your belongings crashing together.


Discuss your list with our moving estimator when they arrive.
They are trained professionals and will have more ideas you can use when you choose American Way Moving and Storage.


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