American Way Moving and Storage has secure storage available when you need it.

Our facility is perfect for people that are moving from one state to another or have sold their home and have made interim living arrangements until their new residence is available. And our price if you need more time is the lowest in the industry.

Secure and Insured
Keeping your belongings safe while they are being stored allows you to sleep well at night. Access to our facility is limited to our employees.
Our facility is climate controlled, secure and your belongings are insured. 


Overnight Storage
We know that loading and unloading is seldom completed on the same day. That is why we include one day of FREE STORAGE for local moves.
If we are packing and loading your belongings for delivery to your new residence the next day we will keep them loaded on the truck and it will be parked inside our secure facility overnight.
Interstate Storage
Moving from one state to another?
We will coordinate the move with you and store your things until it’s time to deliver them.
We know that re-locating is a stressful time. We take the pressure off you by including a FULL MONTH OF FREE STORAGE so you can focus on other important things.
Ask our estimator for our best price if you need more time.

All local moves include 24 hours of FREE STORAGE.
Interstate moves include up to one FREE MONTH of storage.

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